Meteorological Balloon

Our weather balloons are found at a wide array of
meteorological institutions both in Japan and abroad,
including at the Japan Meteorological Agency and the
Ministry of Defense.

●Rubber Balloons

There is a close relationship between meteorological phenomenon and the
environment; that relationship is something very important in the context
of our lives. One way to observe meteorological phenomena is through
radiosonde observations. Under the direction of the World Meteorological
Organization, an agency of the United Nations, observational tools are
suspended from balloons that are launched into the air (by signatory
countries) at 12 PM and 12 AM GMT. Those balloons float to an elevation
of about 30 km from the ground to observe the state of our atmosphere
(in terms of pressure, temperatures, humidity, wind directions, wind
speed and other factors). We manufacture the rubber balloons used for
these observations.

※Rubber meteorological balloons are sold to government institutions, universities and
research institutions and/or private meteorology companies only.